Fire Statements

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A fire statement is an individual document used to define the safety aspects and requirements of an upcoming development project and the methods that will be used to ensure these fire safety requirements are fulfilled.


What information must a fire statement contain?


  • The principles, concepts and approach relating to fire safety that have been applied to each building in the development.
  • The site layout.
  • Emergency vehicle access and water supplies for firefighting purposes.
  • What, if any, consultation has been undertaken on issues relating to the fire safety of the development; and what account has been taken of this.
  • How any policies relating to fire safety in relevant local development documents have been taken into account.

Planning Applications – Gateway One


  • Planning gateway one has two key elements:
    • To require the developer to submit a fire statement setting out fire safety considerations specific to the development with a relevant application for planning permission for development which involves one or more relevant buildings, and
    • To establish the Health and Safety Executive as a statutory consultee for relevant planning applications.
  • Relevant buildings:
    • Contain two or more dwellings or educational accommodation and meet the height condition of 18m or more in height, or 7 or more storeys