Fire Strategies & Drawings

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A fire strategy is a complex document specifically tailored to a building, reviewing all aspects of the building’s fire safety features including construction, compartmentation strategy, means of escape and other fire safety features/measures – including management arrangements in place to ensure it is fit for use for the end user of the premises or intended purpose group.


What is included in a Fire Strategy?


  • Means of warning
  • Means of escape
  • Internal fire spread/passive fire protection
  • External fire spread
  • Access/facilities for FRS
  • Other factors
    • these may include the use of sprinkler or other suppression systems, smoke control and ventilation systems
  • Fire Safety Management for the Building

Why do you need a Fire Strategy?

A fire strategy will not only help to ensure that the risk of a fire occurring is minimised, it will also aid in making sure that people can easily escape the building, if necessary.